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Superman (1978) Review

Today, “Superman” is one of the grandfathers of superhero movies. At the time it was produced, big-budget superhero films were not at all common and there was no guarantee that this movie would succeed. With an epic scale and a … Continue reading

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Brother Bear 2 (2006) Review

Disney’s DTV sequels really started to improve towards the end of their existence. Not enough to rehabilitate the bad reputation that they had quite rightly earned by that point, but enough that the last couple of ones were surprisingly enjoyable, … Continue reading

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Alice In Wonderland (1951) Review

“Alice In Wonderland” is another of Disney’s offerings from the silver era, an anthology film based on the works of Lewis Carroll. “Alice Of Wonderland” tells the surreal story of a London schoolgirl who follows a mysterious white rabbit down … Continue reading

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