Score Highlights: Superman

In which The Cool Kat shares some of his favorite pieces of score from various soundtracks.

Today’s pick is the love theme John Williams penned for Superman and Lois Lane in the 1978 “Superman” film. The rumbling and bombastic main theme is very well-loved and an iconic signature of Superman in pop culture (it could easily have made for a great choice for this post), but the love theme tends to be more overlooked and I think it’s just as wonderful. Rather tellingly, Williams weaves the melody of the love theme into the movie’s opening suite, since one can’t have Superman without his soulmate, Lois Lane. The main presentation of the love theme, featured in the end credits, is a very whimsical and elegant slow-burn – unfolding as a weightless, audacious and tender fairy-tale waltz, unburdened by earthly concerns and circling the same melody time and again until it reaches a breathless, emotional crescendo. The second and even more romantic statement of the love theme, “Can You Read My Mind?”, is utilized when Superman takes Lois out for a night of flying to admire the city from the air, giving it it’s most bombastic and grandiose presentation, which is shortly followed by Margot Kidder’s vocal lyrics as Lois tries to make sense of the new man in her life. In both of these tracks, the London Symphony Orchestra turns in an impressively dulcet and refined performance, the kind that makes the “Superman” soundtrack as beautiful and classy as it is as a whole.

Bonus: “The Flying Sequence (Can You Read My Mind?)”.

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