Score Highlights: Back To The Future, Part II

In which The Cool Kat shares some of his favorite pieces of score from various soundtracks.

Today’s pick is Alan Silvestri’s main theme from the Back to the Future trilogy. I’ve always found Silvestri’s slow-burning score for this franchise to be intriguing, because for the first twenty minutes of “Back to the Future” there is no score, only Huey Lewis tracks – it helps to sell the illusion that it’s just your regular 80’s teen movie at first. It’s not until the DeLorean is unveiled that a few militant cues are tracked in, and it’s not until Marty makes the decision to drive past 88 miles per hour and time-travel for the first time that the film’s musical identity is established. Afterwards, Alan’s score for the franchise is daring, quirky, romantic, free-spirited and very old-fashioned. There were many variations on the main theme throughout the trilogy, but it was never more adventurous than it was during the main title sequence of the second film, when Doc Brown whisked Marty and Jennifer off to the flying-car filled future of 2015. The revamped main theme – with fuller brass, a quicker tempo and a bolder tone – symbolized the franchise venturing into an unknown era of pure fantasy for the first and only time, Marty and Doc having gained confidence from their first successful adventure in time in the last film, and the franchise successfully returning from a four-year gap between films.

Bonus: The “End Titles” rendition.

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