Score Highlights: Doctor Who

In which The Cool Kat shares some of his favorite pieces of score from various soundtracks.

Today’s pick is “The Majestic Tale”, the Americana remix of the Eleventh Doctor’s theme by Murray Gold. Originally written as extra “I Am The Doctor” material, fragments of “The Majestic Tale” recurred throughout the middle episodes of Doctor Who’s fifth season, when Rory clamored aboard the TARDIS and a somewhat dysfunctional but very effective team of the Doctor’s started to form. However, the pieces never came together into one cohesive whole until the climax of “The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon” the following season, when the Doctor, Amy, Rory, River and Canton’s adventure in 1960’s America led to them freeing mankind from the Silence’s influence. While “I Am The Doctor” does a fine job of capturing the fire and wit of Matt Smith’s Doctor, I love how much more proud and confident “The Majestic Tale” is. It really underscores the fact that as competent as the Doctor is on his own, there’s not much of a limit to what he can do with his friends backing him up. “The Majestic Tale” was also the music chosen for when the Doctor and Clara permanently changed the status quo of the series in the 50th anniversary special.

Bonus: the live version.

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