Score Highlights: Spider-Man

In which The Cool Kat shares some of his favorite pieces of score from various soundtracks.

Today’s pick is “Main Titles”, Danny Elfman’s somewhat primal, determined leitmotif for the titular web-slinging mutant of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy (one of Spidey’s better excursions to the big screen compared to the Marc Webb films that followed). Beginning on a simple, whining violin note and carrying on through percussion, brass and vocals, Spider-Man’s theme is broken up into several larger-than life, descending pieces – each of which had various variations spun off throughout the films – before closing on an entirely different, triumphant melody for Spider-Man’s human alter-ego, Peter Parker, representing the heart and humanity of Tobey Maguire’s character (the way that final statement of Peter’s theme is timed with the parting shot of Peter walking away from his Uncle Ben’s grave in “Spider-Man 2” is simply perfect). Whenever people discuss the pros of the Sam Raimi films, I feel like Danny Elfman and Christopher Young never quite get enough credit. Their high-energy scores in tandem with the high-flying cinematography went a long way in helping those movies establish their identities in a sea of superhero films.

Bonus: Peter’s first ever criminal chase in “Revenge”:

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